Lexelle is the electropop collaboration of singer/songwriter Danielle Cardona, and guitarist/producer Alex Simon. The duo’s electro-rock sound is a combination of early eighties new wave and late seventies disco.

“Abba-esque sing-song melodies, paired with industrial feedback, hinting at what Trent Reznor might sound like were he suddenly invigorated with the potentiality of bubblegum pop.” – The Deli Magazine

Like Depeche Mode, The Eurythmics, Blondie, and Garbage, Lexelle combines elements of dance music and rock to create timeless anthemic pop. Throbbing electronic beats provide a substrate for Danielle’s sultry, passionate, mid-range swooning and Alex’s romantic Django Reinhardt inspired rock guitar performance. Fans describe Lexelle’s stye as “sexy, dark, dance pop,” or “dance-noir.”

In June 2013, Lexelle released their first video for their upcoming single “White as Ice.” The video, directed by Alex, was shot at the Rootstein Mannequin factory, and is a futuristic novela portrayal of the “creation of Lexelle.” In the video, Lexelle is personified as the rebellious fembot played by Danielle- a mannequin come to life.

“White as Ice” can be seen on youtube or vimeo:

“White as Ice” is also available on soundcloud for listening only, and will be released for sale on itunes later this month.

Danielle and Alex are also the founders and producers of VVYNL, the weekly electropop event that began at The Woods in Williamsburg, and later moved to Knitting Factory Brooklyn, as a means of creating a space for New York’s up and coming EDM artists. VVYNL features pop, dance, rap, and house music artists and DJs.

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